Pregnant Alyssa Hart – Freckle Face Blow Job

April 1, 2013

Cute, little, freckle face, redhead Alyssa Hart is pregnant and her belly is getting bigger by the day. Her boobs are nice and swollen, her nipples enlarged and to my surprise she now has a little red bush! I’d been masturbating to her videos for the last year and couldn’t wait to meet and play with her.

We shot some awesome solo photos and videos. Like many girls, Alyssa’s pregnancy makes her way horny, so I got to squeeze and suck on her tits and play with her soft bush and wet pussy! I arranged for my friend to come by so she could suck his cock. I squeezed her tiny ass and fingered her sopping pussy while she blew him. We had so much fun and got beautiful close-up photos and videos of his hard dick in her sweet, warm, wet mouth.

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Milk Maids

January 1, 2013

I love pregnant boobs! There are few things as beautiful as breasts bulging with sweet mother’s milk. I find them incredibly erotic, even when they are so swollen that blue veins are visible. And the enlarged, darkened nipples add a gorgeous contrast to the breasts.

Caressing pregnant tits is amazing! I love to have them hang in my face, while I suckle the warm juice out of them. Give them a squeeze and they squirt milk – how much fun is that!? Some lactating women can squirt streams of milk 5 feet.

It’s so sexy to watch a women suck on her own tits and let the milk dribble down their pretty lips and chin. Or, to squirt all over another set of boobs, or a big hard cock.
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Bedroom Voyeur

December 3, 2012

I’m so excited to announce the release of my new erotic book, Bedroom Voyeur. It contains beautiful images of sexy young women in their own bedrooms, offering a voyeur’s view into their private lives and personal spaces.
Also included in this collection, are peephole images and close-ups of pussy, tits, ass and feet, plus upskirt and panty photos you’ll love!
Bedroom Voyeur is destined to become a collector’s item like my other books, Pussy Portraits, Pussy Portraits 2 and Pussy Portraits 3.
Hard Cover, 128 pages, 149 images. Text in English, German and French.

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Fetish Fiesta

November 1, 2012

Smoking, Spanking, Shampooing, Stockings, Sports Watches, Bondage, Balloon Popping, Peeing, Panties, Head Phones, Handcuffs, Upskirts and Feet. These are just a few of the fetish requests I receive every week.
My beautiful, young amateur girls are willing to experiment, so I’ve incorporated these fetishes and many more into my close-up HD videos and Hi Res images (2400 x 1600).

What’s your favorite fetish? Email me a description and I’ll try to include it in future photos and videos. No donkeys please

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Panty Play

October 1, 2012

I just discovered a pair of white cotton bikini panties, neatly folded on my pillow, a gift from today’s pretty, young model. Natural cotton panties are so soft and as a bonus, they retain the essence of their owners.
She had been flirty, but I knew she had a girlfriend, so I was on my best behavior. At the start of our shoot she wore small dark blue cotton panties with a pink waistband. I soon saw a wet spot developing in the center, so I knew she was really enjoying herself. Later we took beautiful close-ups of her in white panties, with soft blond hairs peeking out on either side. She teased me by pulling them tight, forming a camel toe, then tighter, between her swollen vulvas. She tugged her underwear to one side so I could photograph her pretty pink pussy and I was so close I could smell her subtle fragrance.
Now alone, I picked up my gift and brushed them gently against my cheek. I gazed longingly at the light pussy residue in the crotch. I held them to my nose and drew a deep breath, inhaling her most personal scent. It was lovely, a sight pussy smell merged with a hint of perfume. I felt a tingle between my legs and I slipped a hand into my own cotton panties, over soft red hairs, to feel my warm wetness.
I found these photos on my computer and slid back in the chair, knees up. Pressing her panties to my nose, I slid two fingers into my now aching pussy. They glided easily in and out of my sopping cunt and I soon felt the first wave of a long, intense orgasm. I groaned loudly, working my swollen button with a thumb until I came a second time! Sex is awesome, but sometimes a girl just knows exactly what she needs:)

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Princess and the Pee

September 4, 2012

Every little girl has seen a little boy peeing (as the penis is such a versatile and convenient appendage), but not so much the other way around. I think that’s why guys are so curious about this natural act. Also, because it offers a voyeur’s view of a pretty pussy.
I receive so many requests for close-up peeing videos and photos, so I shoot them whenever I have an agreeable model. Nine times out of 10 it is their first time peeing on camera. Some are shy and struggle to get started and the pee runs down their legs. Or when they are finished, they laugh and shake their asses to knock the drops off.
I get in close so you can see their pussy lips in focus. Often I’m in so close my toes get splashed with warm pee.
As these scenes only last 30 – 45 seconds I usually combine them with a sexy shower, smoking video, or a compilation of 4 girls and their golden pee streams. Many are shot outdoors, or in the shower or for just for the novelty of it, in a toilet.
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Nocturnal Emission

August 1, 2012

On a dark and chilly evening, a kind, aging, cross-country trucker picks up a skinny, 20 year old, dirty blonde hitchhiker. He tells her it isn’t safe to be thumbing in these parts and she just says “Whatever”. All he wants is some friendly conversation to keep him awake, but she mostly grunts one word answers and continually texts.
It’s now very late and he’s fading fast, so he pulls into a highway motel to grab a couple hours of sleep. He planned to get double beds, but she insists that he pay for her own room. They have adjoining rooms and through the paper thin walls he can hear she’s on her cell. She’s making fun of him – the way he talks, smells, the music he listens to, the dinner he bought her and the cheap motel.
He’s hurt and pissed! He grabs his video camera from the truck. He places a glass to the wall and when he hears her rhythmic breathing so he’s sure she’s asleep, he cards her door and quietly slips in. He slowly pulls the sheets off and squeezes her ass. Off come her flowered panties. He gently spreads her cheeks for a close-up asshole exam and then slips a finger into her tiny, tight pussy. He slowly rolls her over and squeezes her little tits. He sniffs his pungent finger as he pulls out his pud. He begins beating it and quickly, with a little groan, sticky semen squirts all over her shaven cunt! He sneaks back to his room, showers, checks out and leaves her there to figure out what happened. Bitch!
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Havana Hottie

July 1, 2012

I rented a cute casa in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, in hope s of meeting some spicy hot Chicas. And I nearly wet myself when 19 year old Veronica agreed to a photo shoot. She’s pretty, cute and playful, with an oh-so-sexy Spanish accent! At 5’0” and 92 lbs., she buys some of her outfits in the little girl’s department.
We spent two days together, shooting solo, g/g and b/g scenes and sampling the local cuisine, as well as each other! She has the most perfect little body: gorgeous dark eyes, luscious full lips, smooth brown skin and soft tiny titties, with pequena puffy nipples. Her ass can fit in my hands and she has the sweetest shaven pussy ever. Even her teeny asshole is incredibly cute and I couldn’t resist rimming it with my tongue.
At the end of our first day, she dozed naked in white sheets, as a warm fragrant breeze billowed the curtains. Still sweating after fucking herself with a big vibrator, she suddenly popped up announcing, “Shower time.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom giggling. I practically ripped off my clothes and joined her under the cool, refreshing water.
We lathered each other lovingly and thoroughly as we kissed. I can still feel her fingernails on my scalp as she gently, but firmly shampooed my hair.
We dried off and slipped into bed. It was quiet here, only the soft whir of the paddle fan over head and the subtle slurping sounds of sex. Veronica slid down between my legs. She had never been with a full bush girl and couldn’t keep her hand off my soft red fur. She tugged at it gently with her fingers and lips, which gave me chills. She hungrily licked my clit until it was swollen. When she shoved two fingers into my sopping cunt I came almost immediately, in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.
I had barely caught my breath when she straddled my face, with a brisk “My turn.” As I sucked on her clitoris, she moaned and spoke softly in Spanish. I dipped my tongue deep into her dripping vagina and massaged her clit with my thumb. Not a minute later she let out a long groan and squirted a steady stream all over my face! I couldn’t believe it! I’d had girlfriends who could squirt after a long session with a vibrator, but a mouth full of girl cum was a new (and fun) experience for me.
My face and chest were drenched! She apologized and we laughed loudly as I reached for a towel.
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I’m making myself sweaty and wet reminiscing about that pint-sized Hispanic super soaker. Think I’ll watch one of our videos, rub myself off and scream some of the dirty Spanish words I learned.



June 1, 2012

Breasts, boobs, boobies, busts, bazoombas, bazookas, jugs, jigglers, knockers, knobs, love utters, funbags, puppies, racks, cushions, cans, hooters, sweater meat, mammaries, McGuffies, tetons, tatas or tits, whatever you call ‘em, they are unsurpassed for pure animal attraction and erotic enjoyment!
Human females are the only mammals with permanently swollen breasts – and thank God! They are nature’s perfect advertisements, (billboards if you will) perfect for attracting sexual partners. From budding breasts to double D’s (as long as they are real) I love ‘em all!
There is no doubt that large lungs are fun to squeeze and suck, but from a photographic stand point, petite tits can’t be beat, unless of course you like that kind of thing. Big boobs become the focal point of any nude images, as it’s difficult for us to look beyond them. And if a large breasted model is on her side, her boobs can look awkward and on her back, they sink to either side. So, as a photographer, I prefer small, firm perky tits and puffy nipples are a plus!
I do, however like to shoot big tits hanging straight down. “Hangers” are also incredibly fun to squeeze. I love to feel their weight in my hands or on my face!
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Throat Yogurt

May 1, 2012

Cum, cream, jizz, jism, guy goo, load, lache, wad, semen, spunk, sperm, spooge, spluge, scum, ball juice, baby gravy, pearl jam or throat yogurt, whatever you want to call it, it’s an acquired taste and I prefer pussy! However, there are few things as exciting as watching strings of seminal fluid squirt from the tip of a long, hard penis! My close-up, slow motion videos are orgasmic!
I love to watch guys cum, whether I’m doing the work, another girl is at it, or they’re whacking it themselves! It’s breathtaking to see a boy stroking his own dick until it feels so good he spews his homemade hot sauce! I’d give anything to be a guy for a day! I’d beat off every few hours and soak every female body part I could find with warm, salty semen!
If you’ve seen my work, you know I’m fascinated with the patterns that cum makes on a nice black ass, or an oiled breast, or dripping slowly off hard nipples, full lips or a pretty, pink tongue! And there’s nothing sexier that a big load of pearl white sperm nested on a silky black bush!
I think facials are over rated and ejaculating on foreheads, hair, armpits and feet is just a waste of precious fluid. And don’t even get me started on the fake cum used by so many websites. They have pretty girls and insult the viewers by dribbling fake cum on their faces and pussies. It looks like exactly what it is, cream rinse or whipped eggs – what a turn off! I never knew there was a worldwide shortage of spunk! I’m sure most of you would be glad to donate a load to such a good cause. Naturally we use only the real thing – fresh cream, and always in close-up!
Semen is amazing stuff really. It’s a natural lubricant and I’ve seen dripping strands stretch over 2 feet long without breaking. I know many girls who like the taste (I know, you want names and numbers) and can blow big bubbles with it. And I think I read somewhere that it can be used to make babies: ) So, hats (and panties) off to those balls and glands that tirelessly manufacture jizz, and to those nice big dicks that project it! Just please, watch my eyes!
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FYI, I do like the taste of pre-cum and if I had some right now, I’d lube my swollen clit with it and rub one off!